Vicky Xu-Trợ Lí Giám Đốc Tài Chính

Prior to joining the International Centre of EAP, I was a Senior Service Specialist for EF (Education First) China – one of the largest private international education companies.
I obtained my B.A in English in Hangzhou, China, and pursued my Tourism and Hospitality Post Graduate Certificate, General Arts and Science Diploma with honors in Canada. I have experience working with Marlin Travel as a certified Travel Agent in Ontario.
I was an international student, and I know exactly what our students are facing now. I have just started my career in a brand new country.  To further extend my qualities and character, in addition to my education and work ethic, through my experience working with Canadian and international students, I have come to savour and relish every moment as a learning experience. A simple greeting could turn into a lifelong friendship.